Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Or: What to Buy the Bookish Nerd In Your Life We all have that friend; nose stuck in a book at all times, constantl...

Or: What to Buy the Bookish Nerd In Your Life

We all have that friend; nose stuck in a book at all times, constantly quoting classic literature without provocation...nearly insufferable. Well, the truth is that even they need gifts too (No judgement, this is essentially just my personal holiday wish-list so if you're looking to buy me a gift...take note).

Holiday Gift Guide for Booklovers

1. Library Candle (Paddywax):

These are perfect for all the candle-loving readers out there or really any candle-loving friend who is trying to appear intellectual.  With a selection of quotes from some of the world's most beloved authors, this one is sure to be a win for any book lover.  My personal favourite is the Tolstoy variant, boasting the following: “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love”.  I’ll also note that the lone review on the site for this candle simply states “my favourite candle.” so I mean…if I wasn’t sold already, I certainly am after such rave reviews.

2. Literary Drinking Aids (Flask or Shot Glasses):

Everyone knows that book lovers love to have fun. I believe people are saying “turn up” these days (?!). Anyway, this is for the book lovers who like to have a good time. And by good time, I mean drink alcohol.  Who knew that poisoning your body could be so academic?! With quotes like “I drink to make other people more interesting” (Hemingway) printed onto a flask, how could anyone resist?

3. "I’d Rather Be Reading" Tote Bag (Society 6):

I’ll point out that they also have an “I’d Rather be Reading” shower curtain, which is cute but also rather fitting as I’ve lost more than one book by dropping them in my bubble bath (not on purpose…obviously I was reading in the tub).

4. Literary Tea (Etsy):

Fact: all book lovers are tea-lovers. Ask anyone. And who doesn't love having their two favourite things combined?  Even if these aren't your 'cup of tea' (oh yeah...I went there), your book-obsessed friend will love them! 

5. Bookholder (Barnes and Noble):

I am absolutely over the moon about this one.  We’ve all struggled with eating while reading a book that you just cannot put down. Back me up here fellow book lovers, we’ve all been there. It is not easy to eat and read! It turns out that I’ve spent years struggling to read-eat efficiently, and all for naught!  There are a variety of options, but the one I've linked from Barnes and Noble looks particularly sturdy. It doesn’t have to be pretty, people, it just needs to get the job done.

6. Periodic Table of World Literature (Amazon):

This one is a real gem. It’s for all the chemistry-loving book-nerds out there (all 5 of us).  Apparently, much like the periodic table of elements, the writers are even grouped by technique and style so that’s great, accuracy-wise.

7. Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (Amazon):

This book is just amazing. Yes, it is a book about grammar, but Truss’ (or Truss’s, as you might learn if you happen to be the lucky recipient of this book) writing style really brings commas and semi-colons to life. I’m not joking; it’s a must-have for everyone.

8. Literacy Charity:

Book lovers get notoriously huffy when they learn that reading is not everyone's favourite pastime. More reasonably, they are equally devastated to learn about children who aren’t given the opportunity to turn into the tea-loving bookworms of the future. I promise you, your resident book-nerd will be delighted to learn about a donation to a charity that works to promote literacy. (Maybe also get them the bookholder though…)

There are a variety, but I'm including a handy list HERE.

Honourable Mentions:

Book Scented Candles: Childhood happiness in wax form. Yes, of course this is different from the candle in option #1, it is not a candle inspired by the CONTENTS of a book, it is a candle THAT SMELLS LIKE BOOKS, and apparently “evokes the atmosphere of your fantasy library”. There’s a difference. I mean, what more could anyone ever want, really?

'I'm With The Banned' T-shirtThis one is for the socially responsible, activist book lover in your life. This t-shirt not only advocates for the reading of banned books, but it’s also a fantastic pun and I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

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